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About us

King Trend International(KTI) and Sharpen Tech Co., Ltd. SPTare both multifaceted companies offer a wide range of engineering and manufacturing expertise to global customers engaged in the agricultural, manufacturing, industrial, mining sectors and new material developing.

KTI is offer the service to out of China customers, and SPT is focus on domestic market services. Since their birth they has developed, through an effective management, an enviable suite of products and services which are internationally renowned.

Main Activities

· Farm machinery and spare parts

· Mining machinery and spare parts

· Fabrication and welding

· General machinery parts

· Machining – High precision CNC machining of turning, milling , boring; Plasma and laser casting;

KTI and SPTs' talented, diverse and experienced staff are highly experienced in these sectors and bring expert insights and advice to provide to your company effective solutions across all aspects of the design and go to market process from helping you translate your customer requirements into design concepts, detailing design concepts, prototyping, part and component manufacturing, and production assembly.

Contact us today and ask us to show you how you can confidently outsource your needs to KTI & SPT to facilitate your products’ success in today’s market.


Contact: David Lee

Phone: +86-135 1608 5845

Tel: +86-135 1608 5845

Email: davidlee@sharpentech.cn

Add: No. 7 Yongkang St., Yuhong Dist.,Shenyang 110141,China

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